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Yes you are allowed to upload videos and stream the game and monetize them.

How do I make mods?

There isn't a official way as of now but there is ways of modifying games made with the unity engine.

Is it possible to add/make more maps?

Not yet.

Can you add more snowmobiles?

More are planned and will be added later when the game is ready.

When will customization be added?


The game doesn't work!

Make sure you installed the game correctly (tutorial here). If the game still doesn't work use the forum or contact me with a better description of the issue.

Where can I get the older versions of the game?
How do I change my forum name?

Go to your account -> Edit profile -> Click on your current name.

Can I be a forum moderator or admin?
Can I stream / upload videos?

I'll contact you if I think you fit the role.

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