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Mar 25, 2018



when i try to create a package with texmod it just says invalid definitions.

please help me figure it out

Mar 26, 2018

The obvious answer would be to google it,

try this:


"Obvious checks..... First of all make sure the amount of lines in the log are the same as the amount of jpg's, for example 20 lines = 20 jpg's, so that it is not looking for a missing jpg. Also makes sure the identity name of the jpgs ties up with the log.

Then do this ..... Have you tried swapping the order of some of the log files. I have had that problem in the past where some JPG's are not picked up by the log, due to the order.

In theory the order of the files in the log should not matter, but sometimes it does affect the build, so you have to move some around, till it works.

What to do is copy about the first third of the log, cut and paste it at the bottom of the log, and save so it has a different order, then try building the outfit again.", if it doesnt work get back to me.


p.s. there was a thread for this already, and theres not a whole lot of active members, but try to keep it in the same thread.

Mar 27, 2018

it does not work;(

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    Mar 11

    Polaris' new website has been awesomely updated to include a 3D model when you build a sled on their website. It shows all the options you choose in 3D and even gives you the ability to look at it from behind the handlebars. Just something cool I thought I'd point out to anybody that wants a reference for what the sled looks like from all angles, and specifically for @3r5k3n if he wants to add new models to the game at some point.
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