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Apr 25, 2018

Adding Maps?


If I were to design a map in unity 5, just a map without adding any physics would I be able to put it into the game

Apr 25, 2018

well, ive tried too. not really into unity, was watching youtube videos, but didnt get far..... Was trying to change on the game unity files but couldnt get to edit them, idk why.

May 1, 2018Edited: May 2, 2018

I've spent a lot of time doing unity decompilation, and level switcharoos are doable, but the thing is that everything in this game is level dependant, so the code expects there to be a playable snowmobile, terrain and other stuff, so if you could get your hands on a pro version of UnityUnpacker by DevX you theoretically could do it, but theres a lot of implementing and extracting to do before you are able to get something to run, I managed to do it with a plane and just a camera, but having the full game run in a hacked level is near impossible as far as my knowledge. It's something that I would like to try for real though.


(https://gyazo.com/6ae4beb4e34d9e67fe5f1ace72bc7d4e, just to show you I know what im talking about heres an untextured version of the suspension testing map)


And there really aren't any videos on how to do this, it's all from my own knowledge and experience.

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  • alex99stenberg
    5 days ago

    hello guys. iam just wondering how this project is going. this is a game i have been dreaming about for years to realise
  • BoondockerTurbo
    Mar 11

    Polaris' new website has been awesomely updated to include a 3D model when you build a sled on their website. It shows all the options you choose in 3D and even gives you the ability to look at it from behind the handlebars. Just something cool I thought I'd point out to anybody that wants a reference for what the sled looks like from all angles, and specifically for @3r5k3n if he wants to add new models to the game at some point.
  • GreftyGhost74
    Oct 14

    So after a lot of time, I finally found out how to play multiplayer... In fact, it's pretty simple... all you need is the LOCAL ip adress.. it's diffrent for all computers. I put link for everyone to know there local ip adress. http://www.mon-ip.com/adresse-ip-locale.php When you want to join someone elses game, that person has to give you HIS local IP adress ``:fromthesitebelow:`` AND DON'T CHANGE PORT.. IT'S THE SAME FOR EVERYONE... well until now...🧐🤔 I'm pretty sure if you follow these instruction. it'll work.... have a great time.....!!!😁😁