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May 27, 2018

Crazy Idea


So I get the impression this project has been abandoned?? I would hate to see this fall to the wayside, and as far as snowmobile games options are fairly limited. So my crazy idea is to the owner of the software. If you're too bogged down, maybe make it a community built game? I know a little C++, and always wanted to build a game. I'm more of a trail rider, but if I ever had a chance to ride in the mountains I would check that off my bucket list. I think what you have now is awesome!! But maybe it could be expanded to cover other areas of snowmobiling such as trail riding, drag and other racing. Defiantly a big multiplayer draw there. Anyways, I'm working on a crash course with C#, and learning Unity. Again just a crazy idea, but really interested on what others as well as the owner of this IP think.

May 28, 2018

I've always wanted to work on a snowmobile game, and I built my own 3d engine from scratch using only sfml as a drawing library and a whole buttload of maths, but actual track physics are very hard to implement properly, I've tried it, but never gotten good enough results, Unity's wheels, acting as a track, are pretty solid. But if someone were to start a community project I'd totally be on board.

Jun 30, 2018

Yep crazy idea, but i would love to see more happen here. Living in the midwest (USA), there are winters, but rarely snow as of late. I need to feed that addiction anyway i can.

Jul 7, 2018

i would love to see some more work on this game done!!!!!!!!!! i cant work on games but i'm fully for this idea. i really hope this idea does get put threw. you would need to put like an invitational ability so people don't mess it up. I really hope this works!!!!!

Jul 15, 2018

I got confirmation not too long ago from the dev and he says he's still working on the game keep in mind its just one guy developing the game.

Oct 18, 2018

i think hat they mean is that they want to help him out

Nov 8, 2018

i would really wanna see more snowmobile games so make it, and if you do i would really wanna be a tester ;)

New Posts
  • alex99stenberg
    5 days ago

    hello guys. iam just wondering how this project is going. this is a game i have been dreaming about for years to realise
  • BoondockerTurbo
    Mar 11

    Polaris' new website has been awesomely updated to include a 3D model when you build a sled on their website. It shows all the options you choose in 3D and even gives you the ability to look at it from behind the handlebars. Just something cool I thought I'd point out to anybody that wants a reference for what the sled looks like from all angles, and specifically for @3r5k3n if he wants to add new models to the game at some point.
  • GreftyGhost74
    Oct 14

    So after a lot of time, I finally found out how to play multiplayer... In fact, it's pretty simple... all you need is the LOCAL ip adress.. it's diffrent for all computers. I put link for everyone to know there local ip adress. http://www.mon-ip.com/adresse-ip-locale.php When you want to join someone elses game, that person has to give you HIS local IP adress ``:fromthesitebelow:`` AND DON'T CHANGE PORT.. IT'S THE SAME FOR EVERYONE... well until now...🧐🤔 I'm pretty sure if you follow these instruction. it'll work.... have a great time.....!!!😁😁