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May 3, 2017



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New Posts
  • 3r5k3n
    Mar 14

    Tweaking, adjusting, changing, testing and repeat, is basically what I've been doing in the last 3 months. So basically nothing really exciting except that I've made som huge improvments on the physics. Previously I have had small issues with the snowmobile sliding a bit and bouncing but most of that has been solved. I don't have that much to say in this update so it won't be a long post but to give something more I can tell that I have started to experiment with photogrammetry. That is basicly where you take a bunch of photos of a object from diffrent angles then a program calculates the geometry of the object. Although the scan isn't perfect and have a few millions of polygons to many it's really handy to use as a reference when modeling traditionally so it can speed up and improve the qualtity of models in game. If you have some questions feel free to ask.
  • 3r5k3n
    Apr 7

    Almost 6 months into 2017 and 7 months since the announcement that I was starting over, time flies huh? So here's a short status update that is a little bit overdue. March was a lot and a lot of physics tweaking. The track and ski colliders has a lot of parameters that can be changed that affect how everything else behaves. The original colliders had more adjustment time than you might think, they have been tweaked ever since I started in 2011 so the new one will require a lot of tinkering and as I said in the announcement, that BTW is on the old website witch I'm still trying to get back as a legacy site, that my goal is to get the game more polished state. So a lot left to do but also a lot done. April was to be honest very slow with very little progress for a number of reasons but anyway not much to report from that month and in may the sorta unplanned new website took a lot of time and it still does but I've managed to devote more and more time to the game, tweaking the colliders. It will be a lot of that so devblogs will be boring for a unforeseeable future. To give you something new, someone asked if snow physics will be improved and a lot of people have asked since the initial release for terrain deformation / leaving tracks. Now I have an answer... sort of... well not really but I'm experimenting with terrain deformation. I don't know how big the performance impact will be over an entire map. I don't know how many problems this will cause and I don't know how it will handle multiple players. So don't expect to see this in game soon and I can't promise anything but just know that there is a chance that you maybe someday can leave a mark in the snow . Remember I'm still just experimenting
  • 3r5k3n
    Nov 13, 2018

    First off I'll apologize for the inconvenience this change has caused. Everyone will have to create a new account since it's a entirely new webpage and all forum posts and news are gone. I know everyone wants to know whats going on with the game and I will talk about that very soon but for now lets focus on the webpage. This change wasn't really planned to happen right now but it needed to happen right now because the previous webservice plan ended and I wanted to switch over to another one that didn't randomly go down every now and then and offered more customization and ease of use. I just want the website to be there and just work. I create games not website. The manual approval is still there to get rid of bots and spammers proactively. The people who where admins and mods are not any more on this website. I hope this website works for everyone and again I'm sorry that your account is gone and that all forum posts are gone. To change your account name go to your profile, click edit profile then click on your name. If you have problems, questions or suggestions reply to this post and I'll see what i can do. The old website will still be available but under a new url and will not accept any new members. It will only be there so old information is still available and I'll post the url when it's done